Fuzion Scooter Stand - Blue Swirl


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The Fuzion Scooter Stand is the most secure and sweetest looking stand on the market.

  • Compatible with most major scooter brands
  • Fits 95mm-120mm wheels
  • Heavy-duty PP plastic
  • Accommodates pegs
  • No assembly required

Most Buy This With:

No Bolts Needed

Free-stand engineering so it holds your scooter without being bolted down.

Holds Upright on Any Flat Surface

Holds upright on any flat surface such as in the garage, at the skatepark, or in your bedroom.

Ultra Lightweight & Portable

It’s 7.1” x 4.65” for easy portability.

Keep Tidy! No More Tripping!

Tidy up scooters and store them upright rather than across the floor.