GOMO Sprout Baby Balance Bike - Pink


The toddler bike they'll brag about most!

  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • No-tipover turn limiter
  • 4-wheel no-pedals balance
  • Puncture-proof, noise-free EVA foam wheels

Most Buy This With:

Cushioned Adjustable Handlebar

Handlebars are height adjustable and cushioned with custom GOMO grips.

No-Tipover Turn Limiter

Designed with limited turning to prevent accidental tip-overs.

Noise-Free Wheels

Durable EVA foam wheels that's noise-free and puncture-proof for all-terrain adventures.

Padded Adjustable Seat

The padded seat is height adjustable so kids can sit comfortably and reach the ground even when they’re smaller!