Arcade Skateboard Wall Hanger - Clear


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If you, like us, burn through decks like wildfire, you probably have a few lying around ready for display.

  • Pack of 2
  • Strong and durable polycarbonate
  • "Almost invisible" floating design
  • Display horizontally or vertically
  • Fits standard deck holes: 1.5" – 1.66"
  • Hardware included

Most Buy This With:

Easy to Install

Comes with two heavy duty clear mounts, screws, and drywall anchors. You bring the Philips head screwdriver!

Strong & Durable

Solid hanger wall mount so boards stay stable when mounted. But this ‘almost invisible’ bulletproof polycarbonate Skate Deck Wall Mount gives you that floating effect while also holding your skate decks solidly in place.

Fits Standard Deck Holes

There’s no need to drill holes in your deck and damage a perfectly good ride. The bolts on our skateboard wall rack are made for truck holes 1.625” apart, but will fit anything from 1.5 – 1.66”. You might want to ride that deck again one day, so we made sure you can!

Pack of 2

Hang 1 board horizontally or 2 boards vertically. Suitable as a longboard wall hanger, popsicle, cruiser-shaped, old school and shortboards.