What Scooter Kids Are Riding At Skate Parks?

What Scooter Kids Are Riding At Skate Parks?

What Scooter Kids Are Riding At Skate Parks?

Before getting into the specifics of the hottest scooters in skate parks, it’s important to understand something very important. Skate parks have rules and those rules are rarely if ever posted. Skate culture disseminates these rules in a natural way. This is largely because riding a skateboard is very hard to do at first, and those who get good at it learn from others and by the nature of their skill, have a high commitment to it. Scooters are easy to learn to use, so unlike skateboards, one can learn on one’s own and think one is ready for the skate park without the contextual knowledge of skater culture, or any way of gauging one’s skill by comparing it to others’.

TLDR: If you show up to a skate park with a scooter, the skaters will not be happy because they will expect you to be a dangerous beginner.

Pro Scooter at Skatepark

The basic etiquette of the skate park has to do with right of way. The skate park isn’t a sandbox, so it’s important that riders be willing to take their turns on the obstacles. If everyone tried to go all at once it would result in crashes. Imagine cutting someone in line for an obstacle, but they’re already in motion and going faster than you. This will result in a collision and you could get seriously hurt. This is true for skateboarding and for riding a kick scooter.

Kids Performing Pro Scooter Tricks

If you plan on visiting a skate park with your kid and your kid rides a kick scooter, you should first make sure your kid knows the rules, so visit a few times just to watch. Talk to some of the skaters (and or their parents if they are there) to learn the rules of the road. Once your kid is hip to the rules, you need to make sure they have the right gear. This is where the scooter itself comes in.

Pro Scooter Recommendations

Pro scooters also known as stunt scooters, trick scooters, freestyle scooters, or bmx scooters are scooters modeled after those owned by professionals. Built more durably, they can withstand tricks, jumps, and landings, on the street or at the skatepark. For the beginner or intermediate rider, kids love our Arcade Scooters and Fuzion Scooters.

1. Arcade Plus Pro Scooter

The Arcade Plus Pro Scooter is the ultimate scooter for the beginner or intermediate ride. The complete scooter is pre-built and ready to ride with trick pegs for additional trick performance.

2. Fuzion Pro Scooter X-5

The Fuzion Pro Scooters X-5 will take young riders to their next skill level. It comes equipped with upgrades only found in much higher priced scooters. Lightweight, durable and dialed right out of the box. With only three bolts to tighten, you can start riding in no time at all.

3. Arcade Defender Pro Scooter

The Arcade Defender Pro Scooter is one of the safest entry-level trick scooters around! And that’s because this pro scooter is packed with custom parts everyone loves. Strong 3D-stamped forks, custom neck, smooth bearings, solid deck and dynamic design - the Arcade is built to take kids smoothly from beginner to pro.

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